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Mitsubishi SRK35ZSA W

  • Modern and stylish design
  • 3D Auto airflow for effective and even air distribution
  • Allergen clear system to deliver odour free and allergen free air
  • Wide range of timer and scheduling functions
  • Optional Wi-Fi control with Wi-Fi adaptor
  • Optional Wi-Fi control with Wi-Fi adapt
    Cooling 3.5kW
    Heating 3.7kW

Product Description

With a stylish and modern design as well as all the advanced features and functions that the Avanti® series is known for, the 3.5kW Avanti® split system is ideal for heating and cooling small to medium spaces such as a double bedroom, small living room or sitting area.

Product Features

Indoor 290x870x230mm
Outdoor 540x780(+62)x290mm
Brand Mitsubishi
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