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Commercial facilities and industrial air conditioning  throughout Brisbane

We have infrastructure and the highest quality and safety standards so that our clients have the peace of mind that our company will install the best airs for you conditioned and with the security that you deserves

Technical service

We solve equipment technical problems with certainty and urgency. This corresponds to the change of components using original or alternative spare parts according to stock. Covers the entire range of air conditioning equipment regardless of brand or model.


Installation service of domestic, commercial and institutional air conditioning systems. Equipment ranging from 9000 to 240,000 btu / h. respectively. Banks, airfields, service centers, transport, jewelry, real estate, logistics, machinery and others.

Maintenance and repair

We carry out the maintenance of the Air Conditioning system of residential, commercial and industrial equipment.

Reparation and execution of projects

You bring us the idea and we take care of Manufacturing, Designing, Evaluating and Executing your Air Conditioning and Ventilation project.

Inatallation of professional air conditioning and cetificates

Alaska offers you an optional air conditioning installation service for all the air conditioning products in the online catalog, but you are free to choose it or select the separate purchase of the air conditioning equipment. All the installations carried out by the Alaska company are carried out by qualified personnel, and officially certified in the national territory. Making vacuum in each installation to the refrigeration lines. In the same way, all our facilities have civil liability insurance in force.

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Contact our Alaska maintenance staff as they are qualified to answer all of your questions about how it works, from choosing the right system to ongoing use and maintenance.

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