Alaska Air Conditioners are a Brisbane based family owned business and have been in the air conditioning industry for over 10 years. They provide professional and reliable services in relation to supply & installation, maintenance, and regassing of split-system air conditioners to residential and commercial buildings.

Created with the purpose of offering our customers the greatest possible comfort through proper air treatment, always governing and adhering to the highest standards of the air conditioning industry. Alaska , offers comprehensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in industrial, commercial and residential buildings with international quality standards.

Our Work

The experience of our technicians guarantees an adequate installation of the air and ventilation systems that goes hand in hand (complemented) with the aesthetics of the design and the best use of space, providing greater comfort.

Our Service

We offer services ranging from simple manual ignition systems, to variable volume and humidity systems, with independent controls by zones, as well as variable speed drives by frequency, leaving the necessary infrastructure to connect them to any intelligent system through an analog or digital signal, thus having control of the operation from a console.

Our Team

Our expert team in heating, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning and air treatment, is trained to offer excellent advice and quick solution to problems in these areas (of this type), taking into account the needs and budget of our consumers.


To guarantee an excellent functioning of the equipment, we offer our clients a complete monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly routine maintenance, which will keep the air mechanisms in optimal conditions, this is a necessary service for our company to respond to the quality of the equipment. installed devices.



In each of the maintenance processes, we try to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the care of the different machines that we have been entrusted with their care. We differentiate ourselves by maintaining a personalized and close relationship with all our clients, making sure to clarify their doubts in the use and efficiency of their equipment.

Ask about our different maintenance plans according to your needs.

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Contact our Alaska maintenance staff as they are qualified to answer all of your questions about how it works, from choosing the right system to ongoing use and maintenance.

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