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Keys to using the air conditioner well (and saving) in a heat wave

Every degree less temperature increases consumption on the bill by 8% Eco mode saves up to 30% in consumption

These days of unbearable heat in Spain have skyrocketed sales of fans and air conditioners. Its use inevitably increases the energy bill of homes, but a good, responsible and efficient use can mean not only energy savings but also money.

The energy marketer Aldro Energía warns that less than 10% of homes keep their refrigeration equipment at an adequate temperature during the summer months. In fact, more than half of the users keep the air conditioning at lower or extremely lower temperatures than necessary.

Added to this inappropriate use of refrigeration equipment, which can even affect health, is the fact that “precisely the hours with the highest energy demand, he says, coincide with the highest price for electricity consumption,” says José Gonzalez- Payno, CEO of Aldro Energía.

Thus, there are several keys to making better use of the air conditioning and saving:


Take advantage of the cooler hours of the day to lower the temperature of the house, ventilating the house at night and early in the day.


Whenever possible, use fans, which will cool the environment while consuming less energy. It is also very useful to keep the house protected from the sun’s rays, lowering awnings and blinds.


Use energy efficient appliances. In the long run, it is more profitable to acquire a device rated as A +++, with which we can save up to 60% of energy.


Review the power you have contracted. Approximately 60% of the homes have contracted a power above the necessary one, which directly affects the cost of the bill.


Adapt to the summer temperature. Ideally, set the air conditioning to 26ºC and be at home with fresh clothes. Every degree less temperature increases consumption by 8% on the bill.


Move the air conditioning away from areas where the sun hits the most. The heat will impair your operation, causing you to work harder and consequently increase your consumption


Before the arrival of the heat, perform a maintenance on your air conditioning equipment and renew the filters. Thus, your appliance will consume less and have a longer useful life. On the other hand, if your appliance has the possibility of installing the Eco mode, this will help you save up to 30% in consumption.


Finally, avoid putting the air conditioning on at night, since it is not advisable for our health or for our pockets. Ventilate the room instead, taking advantage of the cool of the night and open the windows to create a draft.