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Everything you need to know about air conditioning

Low consumption splits

You remember the heat of the previous summer and you don’t want to suffer it again. You still have time to install a split with smart functions and low consumption.

What temperatures! Suffocating at home during the day and irritating at night, tossing and turning and having trouble sleeping. Have you decided that you will never go through that again? Well, spring is a good time to install the air conditioning or renew the one you already have.

Well-being at home depends, to a large extent, on the temperature inside. That is why air conditioning is an important section in any renovation, or it should be.

Air conditioning: With or without works

The first thing is to ask yourself what type of air installation you want. If you are going to carry out a comprehensive home renovation, you may be interested in a centralized system, which cools an entire house through a series of ducts that will run through the ceiling to bring air to each room through a grid.

But what if you don’t consider doing works? Resorting to the installation of a split or multisplit air conditioning system , for one room or several, is an excellent option. Most of them have a heat pump with hot and cold air. Its advantages include: easy installation for a specialized professional, variety of powers, advanced technology with intelligent functions, efficiency, heating in winter … Also, if years ago they were large and not too decorative, now they are compact and attractive lines to integrate easily in decoration.

Before choosing a model, it is essential to evaluate the power required for the room to be air-conditioned and to calculate the frigories required by the equipment in each case.

Not all air conditioners are the same

Although the split indoor units may appear identical at first glance, they are not. They vary in measurements, consumption, noise and functions or technologies that they incorporate. What to look for to get the choice right?

  • How much do you consume. Look at it on its label. The most economical or efficient ones have the energy classification A +++, both in cold and in heat, and they can consume up to 40% less than other class A.
  • It is silent? Noise is measured in decibels. To be considered silent, its sound level will be 23 dB, although there are even more discreet, 18 dB.
  • Is it true that they clean the air? Some do, filter it and return it free of bacteria, allergens and dust. Sometimes they include a double deodorizing filter that effectively neutralizes bad odors.
  • Advanced features. They are those that contribute to the well-being of the user and the efficiency of the equipment. It is convenient to know them to choose the model that interests you the most, although its name varies depending on the manufacturer. They are, among others, the following: time programming, saving mode, night mode, rapid cooling and intelligent thermal and movement sensors to automatically regulate the temperature.
Many splits have built-in Wi-Fi for remote controls with your mobile or tablet.

What should you keep in mind before buying a split?

At the same time that its design has been improved, its technology has become intelligent and efficient.

The advanced functions that it incorporates. Some have presence sensors that activate the economy mode if you leave the room, measure the temperature of the room, detect where there is an imbalance and automatically adjust the flow for greater comfort.

  • If it includes a filter to remove bacteria, viruses, pollen, mites, dust and other suspended particles.
  • If it is respectful with the environment because it works, for example, with a refrigerant gas that is.
  • Energy efficiency in hot and cold air mode.
  • The connectivity option, to control the device from the mobile, the tablet or a voice assistant.

You will consume less air When the cold from the split does not escape to the outside. If you leak through the facade or the window, you lose energy and money. Also invest in efficient insulating materials and windows .

Has anyone seen the remote?​

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