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Based in Salisbury, Queensland, our company, Alaska Air Conditions, specializes in the supply and installation of any types and brands of air conditioners  including standard and inverter split-system air conditioners.  You can choose to have cooling only, reverse-cycle, inverter or window units, whichever suits you best!

Split-system air conditioners are the most common air conditioner units for residential as well as for shops and offices. To determine the suitable size of split-system air conditioner for your room,it is always wise to consult an air conditioner specialist for advice. A small split-system air conditioner unit may not be sufficient enough to cool or heat your room, or if the unit is too big, then you may be wasting your money and your air conditioner system may not operate efficiently. Our qualified split-system air conditioner technician will be able to advise you on the suitable size of unit for your room/s.

It is always wise to choose a split-system air conditioner unit which has the highest star rating. The more the stars the split-system air conditioner unit has, the more energy efficient the split-system air conditioner is. However, it is important to know that regardless of how good your split-system air conditioner is, it will not operate efficiently if it is not properly installed. Not only an improperly-installed split-system conditioner will reduce the system's cooling and heating capacity, it will also increase your electricity cost and shorten the life of your split-system air conditioner unit. 

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We supply and provide services to all Brisbane areas. We have supplied, installed and serviced hundreds of air conditioners with a long track list of satisfied customers in Brisbane.

Besides supplying and installing air conditioners, we also undertake repair and maintenance of air conditioners. It is extremely important that you get a licensed professional to handle any air conditioner services and maintenance properly and correctly to  ensure prolonged life and functionality of your air conditioning unit.  Air conditioner services and maintenance are carried out by our qualified air conditioner technicians who understand the importance of long term efficiency of air conditioning units, and safe and healthy environment.

Our list of services include periodic air conditioner inspection, replacement of air conditioner parts, leak testing, relocation of existing air conditioner units, safe disposal of old air conditioning and safe removal of refrigerant, and refrigerant gas refill.

Our air conditioners come with a 5-year warranty on parts and workmanship for domestic use and 12-months for commercial use. Proof of installation must be supplied. Refrigerant gas refill is NOT covered by our warranty, so cost will be incurred on gas refill. Certain damages to air conditioners are also not covered under the warranty, which include the following:

  • blocked hose pipes due to insects/small animals (e.g. lizard) being stuck in the pipes
  • hose pipes damaged and bitten by vermin
  • damaged internal electrical components such as the motor.

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We believe that it is important to carry out an inspection prior to providing a quote, both for new and existing air conditioners. Our expert technicians will assess the size of your rooms or spaces where you want to install the air conditioner and give you advice on the appropriate size & location of split-system air conditioning system for your home, office or store.

         New air conditioner: Installation cost will be partly determined by the location of the air conditioner (both internal and external units). We will need to inspect where units are to be located, whether it is on ground floor or upper floor, and how far they are from the power source. Basic back-to-back air conditioner installation is the cheapest method. However depending on the circumstances where basic installation may not be feasible, and that an external unit will be located away from the internal unit, then additional hose pipes, brackets etc will add to the cost.

         Existing air conditioner: There are a number of reasons why an air conditioner stops working. Therefore it is always important for us to carry out inspection and testing to determine the exact nature of the problems. If problems are known and the air conditioner is repairable, we will then be able to provide costing on the service/maintenance. If the air conditioner is non-repairable, then we will provide recommendation and quote on the supply and installation of a new air conditioner for your consideration.

Useful air conditioner tips:

  • Examine your air conditioner filter periodically. A dusty filter reduces air flow.
  • Save energy. Make sure cool air isnít escaping through opened windows and doors.
  • Close blinds and drapes to help reduce sun heat in summer.
  • Choose Energy Star models
  • Oversizing or undersizing the air conditioner unit does not necessarily guarantee energy efficiency. A qualified air conditioner technician will be able to advise you on a properly size system for your room.
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