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Mitsubishi & Panasonic Air Conditioners - Brisbane

Brand Name Air Conditioners: Buying Mitsubishi or Panasonic Air Conditioner in Brisbane

2014 was the third hottest year on record in Australia, making the need for a good air conditioner imperative for Brisbane residents especially since it's only going to get hotter in the future. With so many brand names and air conditioning models to choose from, though, your options can be overwhelming. Some brands are better than others, and certain models are better suited to certain spaces, but the wide majority of air conditioners in Brisbane are called split system models, and two great manufacturers who make them are Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

Why Buy a Mitsubishi or Panasonic Air Conditioner in Brisbane?

A lot of people don't realise that many of the companies responsible for making their cars and TVs also make great air conditioners. Two of the biggest Japanese electronic titans, Panasonic and Mitsubishi, are among the list of split system air conditioner manufacturers that are responsible for a lot of the systems being used in Brisbane and throughout Australia today. These two companies are focused on energy efficiency and ease of use, respectively, and both of their names carry a ton of weight they're always on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to air conditioning. If you're in the market for Panasonic or Mitsubishi HVAC products, Alaska Air Conditioning is your go-to source in Brisbane.

Using Panasonic Air Conditioners in Brisbane

Panasonic was founded in 1918 in the city of Osaka, Japan, and since then they have become one of the largest producers of electronics on the planet. Their air conditioners are known for their energy efficiency, specifically the ones that are equipped with ECONAVI technology. ECONAVI uses a wide variety of modern technologies to monitor individual rooms and areas within those rooms to regulate temperature. For instance, the system will provide more air to your kitchen if you're cooking dinner before lowering the airflow in the kitchen and increasing it in your living room while you relax on the couch to watch TV. It will even detect the heat coming from the sun during a given day and use it, or its absence, to help control the temperature inside.

Buy a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner in Brisbane

Also in Japan, just five years after Panasonic was founded, Mitsubishi opened its doors and now produces a wide variety of vehicles and electronic products to customers all over the world. The line of Mitsubishi air conditioners in Brisbane is focused on simplicity the front panel on their units can be removed so that 90% of the internal components can be cleaned or replaced in a matter of minutes. Their Plasma Duo Filter system was designed specifically for improving air quality by pulling outside air through both a plasma deodorising and plasma air filter before pumping it into your home. Don't discount the energy efficiency of Mitsubishi air conditioning systems, though- DC motors provide 60% more efficiency than their AC counterparts, and their Econo Cool technology helps regulate temperature in a way that's 20% more efficient than the competition.

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